Kerrit Volsson

Dwarven knight turned farmer


Fighter, formerly a Knight of the Foundry Guard. Warhammer specialist.


Skilled fighter, now a farmer, and former Knight of the Foundry Guard, an esteemed order of dwarven warriors from the Iron Kingdoms. Left when he found his wife having an affair with his superior officer. Took his infant son Volor and left to begin a new life as a farmer.

Description: 4’ 6”, powerfully built. Thick black beard bound in two long braids. Weathered, leathery skin despite his relative youth imply many hard years of working the soil, while numerous scars on his face and across his arms show that he’s seen combat. Broad, flat nose and thick eyebrows. Tattoo of Foundry Guard sigil on left bicep (shield w/ anvil and hammer).

Kerrit’s covered wagon, driven by three mules, was attacked by kobolds. The road south from the Iron Kingdoms is generally safe, but kobold activity has risen tremendously as of late. Kerrit’s mules were slain, save for Old Blanchy, which delivered his son to Winterhaven.

When the party arrived to his rescue, he was found standing on top of the disabled wagon, wounded and surrounded by the kobolds.

Kerrit suffered grievous wounds during the battle and in a wagon accident, but the party’s quick and decisive actions saved his life. His goods also survived the trip, thanks to a remarkable feat of strength. Uzay the Foreigner and Diamanda Galas were able to lift the wagon’s yoke and haul it back to Winterhaven themselves, allowing Kerrit and his young son to retire. He rewarded the party with his private cache of magic items, including his Hammer of the Foundry Guard, Boots of Spider Climbing, Catstep Boots, and an Amulet of Health.

Kerrit Volsson

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