Population: 200; another 700 or so live in the countryside within a few miles of the town. The people of Winterhaven are mostly humans, with a few dwarf families. Most of the local farms are located southwest of the village.

Government: Lord Ernest Padraig (hereditary lord) is descended from the noble family that has ruled the area under edict of the old empire. The locals were happy with Lord Padraig’s father’s authority and they have found answering to the rules of the new lord no more arduous.

Defense: The Winterhaven Regulars are a group of ten soldiers who perform guard and constable functions in and around the walled portion of the village. The Regulars always patrol in pairs. Padraig is their commander and can augment this force when necessary by mustering about fifty civilians within a day’s notice.

Inns: Wrafton’s Inn. Spacious inn and tavern serves as the public house for the region. Salvana Wrafton is owner and proprietor.

Supplies: Village smithy, Market Square (open once a week), Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe.

Temples: Temple serves several local deities, but primarily Avandra.


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